Because of the toxicity of al-Khashab .. Ahmed Saad: “Mabntuzush” artists and I prepare for a link from outside the middle – our lives – celebrities


Singer Ahmed Saad revealed his willingness to be associated with model Alia Bassiouni, indicating that the engagement will take place next month.

Saad had recently celebrated the birthday of Alia Bassiouni, and he appeared with her in several photos, commenting on her, “Every year, you are good, my love,” but he did not confirm at the time that there was an engagement project with her despite the news circulating that he was ready to marry this year from a girl outside the artistic community. But he did not reveal her identity, saying only that it would be a surprise to everyone.

Saad recently stated to several websites that he decided that his fiancée should be from outside the center, from which he will not be linked again after marriage twice, and his association with the artist Reem Al-Baroudi and the star Sumaya Al-Khashab.

In television statements, Ahmed Saad said that he will not marry again from the artistic community due to his differences, his former wife, Sumaya al-Khashab.

He added, “We cut this topic out of artists. Somaya Al-Khashab eliminated the idea and eliminated all ideas.”

On the issues between Saad and Sumaya al-Khashab, especially the alimony case that I recently brought against him, the Egyptian singer added: “Every person who has a right will take it and I will give it its right not to her person but because this is something between me and God.”

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