Barcelona’s impressive performance against Villarreal reinforces “Sittin’s position”


Barcelona surpassed the effects of a difficult week that affected the position of its coach Kiki Sittin by his stunning 4-1 away home win over Villarreal in the Primera Liga on Sunday, to prove the 61-year-old coach that his abilities are still good.

Perhaps Barcelona’s impressive bid is not enough to prevent Real Madrid from winning the league title, four points ahead of the Catalan club four games before the end, but it was enough to gain Sittin the confidence of President Josep Maria Bartomeo.

“Today we saw (last night) the dynamism of Barcelona who created so many opportunities and seemed like a real competitor for the title. We will fight until the end of the League and the Champions League,” Bartumio told Spain’s Movistar television.

Sittin was not the club’s first choice to succeed Ernesto Valverde in January, and his stay in office was questioned after the club’s relegation to the title by drawing with Sevilla, Celta Vigo and Atletico Madrid.

His lack of experience in dealing with a team dressing room such as Barcelona, ​​which includes many world-class players and strong personalities, and also pushed French striker Antoine Griezmann in stoppage time against Atletico, subjected to criticism.

But his ability to get the team to perform really attractive and exciting performance against Villarreal prompted Bartomeo to reject reports of a dispute between the coach and the players.

“I realize that there were rumors but they are completely incorrect. Kiki has the full support of the players and the managers of the club and does his job wonderfully,” Bartomeo added.

The spectacular Barcelona show saw technical changes from Sittin who put Griezmann next to Luis Suárez in the attack with Lionel Messi as a playmaker unlike the last games where Griezmann was playing on the left side.

Messi made the goals for Suarez and Griezmann.

“I am completely satisfied with the performance and I am confident that the players have the same feeling because they gave a great match and they enjoyed themselves,” Seetin said.

And he concluded, “I would like to present this performance in every match, but this is not an exact science. Every match is different, but today (last night) we did everything right.”


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