Barcelona president attacks Real Madrid and decides to leave Messi


Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeo launched a direct attack against what he called the preference to use the “mouse” video technology continuously for Real Madrid, while the controversy over the departure of the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, was resolved.

“I watched the Real Madrid match against Athletic Bilbao, and another victory was added to Real Madrid. And our message that I always repeat is that it tastes bad for me, but the mouse technology does not give us the high level that we have. It is not fair since the Corona virus affects the results and it seems They always prefer the same team. ”

“It is true that there were many matches during which the mouse gave preference to the same team, and we spoke with the Spanish Football Federation before. The mouse technology should help the referee, but in the past few weeks everyone has seen many images that were not fair.”

On the future of Barcelona coach Kiki Sitten, Bartomeo said: “I already know that there are rumors. This is a false mistake. Kiki has our support. We will fight until the end of this league and then the Champions League will come,” according to the Spanish newspaper “AS”.

He continued: “Today we saw Barcelona play with the usual dynamism, he had many options to score. Playing this way is good because they had fun and this is the way of a champion team, the situation is a little late, after this post quarantine, there was nothing easy. Now it starts Seeing the rhythm and this is how. The Champions League starts now. ”

After the controversy over the departure of Messi, the Barcelona president said: “I will not give details but Messi said he will end his professional football career with Barcelona. I will not explain the details. We are focusing on the competition.”

“There are negotiations with many players, but Messi has made it clear that he wants to continue and we will explain it for a longer period,” he added.

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