Barcelona News: The main reason why Artur rebelled against Barcelona


Arthur Milo

Sport 360 – Newspaper revealed Mundo Deportivo The reasons that prompted the Brazilian star Artur Melo to rebel against Barcelona, ​​and he refused to invite coach Kiki Citin to return to training in preparation for the Napoli match in the final leg. Champions League.

و .برم Barcelona A mutual deal with Juventus Three weeks ago, Artur Milo moved to Allianz Stadium, in exchange for Miralem Pjanic joining Camp Nou, and the Bianconeri club received 10 million euros due to the price difference between the players.

All Barcelona players received a notification to return to training on Tuesday morning, but Artur Melo informed the club’s management that he did not intend to return and would remain in Brazil until his transfer date to Juventus comes, although the agreement stipulated that each player complete the season with his current team.

Another reason that made Artur angry with Barcelona

The report added that Artur Melo is very annoyed with Barcelona Because of the way the club dealt with him, as the player had wanted to stay with the team for many years, but the administration pressured him to leave.

The Catalan newspaper explained that the way Barcelona treated him is not the only reason behind the Artur rebellion, as there is another and more important reason related to what coach Kiki Cettin told him after the deal was officially announced.

Citin told his Brazilian star that he would not play again with the team, which really happened, as the player did not have a minute since that time, although reports confirmed his suffering from an injury, and the words of Barcelona coach had a great negative impact on the future Juventus star, so he decided to ignore the invitation The club and stay in his hometown.

Barcelona will have to play Napoli without three midfielders, where Sergio Busquets and Arturo Vidal will be absent due to suspension, and Artur Melo will join them now.

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