Barcelona News: Barcelona loses 25 million due to a mistake by Nike!



Sport 360 – The relationship between the club is strained Barcelona And the American company Nike, which specializes in the manufacture of clothing and sports equipment because of the new shirt, which was supposed to put on the market a few days ago.

The mutual relationship between Barcelona and Nike began in 1998, and there is a contract between them that runs until 2026, and although they have been working together for many years, things have started to take a negative curve recently.

Nike had launched the first batch of Barcelona shirts for distributors, but withdrew all its exports to the market before the shirt was officially launched, due to a manufacturing error that affected quality and design.

Barcelona wants to file a lawsuit against Nike

According to a newspaper Mundo Deportivo Spanish, the Barcelona He estimated his financial losses to delay the launch of his new shirt by 15 to 25 million euros, as the sale of shirts during the summer season is at its peak.

The newspaper pointed out in its report that there are some people in Barcelona demanding to go to court if Nike refuses to bear the economic losses that will be inflicted on the club from this error, and there are ongoing negotiations between the two parties at the present time to reach an agreement.

The report also added that putting Barcelona shirt on the market may be delayed until next September, that is, about two months from now, and thus the club will lose sales revenue during the next two months, which usually enters the treasury the highest percentage of revenue during the season.

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