Barcelona crisis .. Messi “explodes” and warns


The Barcelona club crisis reached its climax with the loss of the League title in favor of Real Madrid and the conclusion of the season with a loss in its stronghold that prompted Argentine star Lionel Messi to “explode”, according to the headline in the newspaper “Mundo DeportivoCatalan.

After a 1-2 defeat by Osasuna, Messi Siham criticized everyone in his team Barcelona the same night that rivals Real Madrid won the league title after beating Villarreal 2-1.

Messi, Barcelona captain and best player in the world six times, said after the match to Movistar +, “We did not expect and we did not want to end things this way, but that is shortened to the full extent of our year.”

“We were a very irregular team, very weak, losing in match and desire, receiving goals easily.”

Messi called for a “comprehensive self-criticism” in the ranks of his club Barcelona.

“We lost many points as we shouldn’t have lost them. Real Madrid did a lot of work, had not lost any games since the return (after stopping nearly three months due to the new Corona virus), but we also facilitated its mission.”

The Argentine star indicated that his club “has to carry out a process of self-criticism that begins with the players, but the process of self-criticism is comprehensive. The riyal deserves to win all the matches, but we are Barcelona and we have a duty to win all the matches.”

Messi warned that “if we continue in this way, it will be very difficult for us to win the Champions League (a tie in the first leg of the final with Napoli, Italy 1-1).”

“It was confirmed today for the League, but there must be a change in depth if we want to fight for the Champions League, otherwise we will lose the match against Napoli, too.”

Messi’s comments come in the wake of a period of tension and uncertainty in the Catalan club, which is supervised by coach Kiki Citin.

Spanish press reports recently indicated that negotiations on renewing the contract between Barcelona and the 33-year-old Argentine star had stopped and that the latter was considering leaving the club in the summer of next year, after being tired of the current administration’s failure to build a competitive team and tired of leaks coming out of The club is tarnishing its image.


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