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Follow directly and moment by moment all the events of the Alaves match against Barcelona in round 38 of the Spanish League 2019-2020, which plays at Mendezoroza stadium

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Alaves 0 x 5 Barcelona

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95 ‘The referee blows the whistle at the end of the second half.

94 ‘A foul by Barcelona from the left of the penalty area. Messi executes by cross, turning Braithwaite into a goal.

93 ‘Messi passes a ball that reaches Braithwaite in the face of the goalkeeper who comes out and grabs the ball after receiving a bad ball from Braithwaite.

91 ‘The referee adds 4 minutes as a time off.

90 ‘Dee Young sends a forward ball in the middle of the field to Braithwaite, to the left of the area, as he sends a cross cross from Suarez to a goal.

90 ‘Martin gets injured and gets off the pitch, and Alves completes the match with ten men.

88 ‘Passes between Barcelona players in front of the Alaves penalty area.

85 ‘Gouyiyye’s shot from Khosilio is from the left of the penalty area, but far from wide.

81 ‘Messi carries out a free kick, crossed away by Abdullah Mahmoud.

80 ‘A foul on Barcelona from the left of the penalty area after interfering with Vesa on Braithwaite.

78 ‘Braithwaite enters instead of Fatty.

78 ‘The referee indicates the players to return and resume the game.

76 ‘Cut off to rest and drink water.

75 ‘Alba sends a cross from left, and reaches Messi, who sends a left-cross shot from the left of Roberto’s left.

75 ‘Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaums Barcelona via Messi.

74 ‘Passes between Barcelona members at the back at the beginning of the attack.

70 ‘second half is very calm so far, and the match is friendly.

67 ‘Front for Alaves puts Mendes up against Neto, but sneaks onto Alaves.

65 ‘Abdullah Mahmoud comes on instead of Kamarasa.

65 ‘Rioja sends a cross from the left cross, into the goal, and into the cross.

63 ‘Passes between Alaves members and Barcelona put the ball on hold.

59 ‘Visa enters the game instead of Manu Garcia.

59 ‘Dee Young enters the game for Busquets.

57 ‘Butch tied a ball to Simido at the right of the penalty area, so the Portuguese sent a powerful shot past Roberto from his right.

57 ‘Raaaaaaaaaa Barcelona, ​​via Simido.

56 ‘The game is calm in the meantime, and the ball is in possession of the two blocks.

53 ‘Fati sends a fallen ball to Messi, facing Barreira, and the Argentine passes a wrong ball that comes out of the field, and the referee indicates an offside.

51 ‘Simedo enters the game, instead of Longlei.

48 ‘Longley is injured, the referee stops playing for his treatment, and then the French exit from the stadium and it appears that he will not complete the match.

46 ‘The beep of the second half starts now.

3 substitutions for Alaves at the start of the second half with the entry of Ponce, Rioja and Tachi instead of Perez, Burke and La Guardia.

47 ‘The end of the first half …

45 ‘The referee adds two minutes as a counted time instead of wasted.

44 ‘Messi sent a fallen ball from in front of the penalty area to Alba, who crossed the ball with a cross from Suarez with his head past Roberto’s goal.

44 ‘Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Barcelona, ​​via Suarez.

43 ‘Perez passes a loose ball to Burke on the left of the penalty area, sending a cross cross that Longley takes away.

41 ‘Messi sends a cross from the right to Vidal, the only one completely deep in the area, jumping and sending a header away from Roberto from his right.

38 ‘Alaves appears finally with a shot from Joselo, crashing into Longley and coming out for a cocktail on the left of Neto.

37 ‘Suarez sends a falling ball from in front of the penalty area to her right, Messi tries to tame her, but he stumbles, falls, and kills the defense, then the referee indicates a handball against the Argentine.

37 ‘Alaves doesn’t yet appear like a friendly.

34 ‘Roberto sent a cross from the right and reached Boch to the left of the area. He passed the ball to Messi, who crossed the defense, and Roberto was alone. He sent a shot crossed into the net from his left.

34 ‘Thaaaaaaaaaaaani for Barcelona, ​​via Messi

33 ‘The referee indicates to return and resume the meeting.

30 ‘The referee stops playing to rest and drink water.

29 ‘Messi tries to keep the ball in the penalty area, but the defense scatters him.

27 ‘Butch sends a superb pass that Suarez faces Roberto, so he sends a shot that the goalkeeper pulls from his right.

27 ‘Oh, Lord, Suarez is practicing his hobby in wasting easy goals.

24 ‘Messi rolls the ball to the right of the penalty area, then sends a cross. He runs for Fati and sends a shot from his right into the left corner of the left of Roberto.

24 ‘Gooooooooowoowool First for Barcelona by Fatty …

21 ‘Messi performs a free kick with a high and a long cross shot.

20 ‘A foul by Barcelona in front of the penalty area arc on the right, after Magalan’s intervention on Messi.

19 ‘Off road from left by ALBA, Camarasa takes it away.

17 ‘Suarez escapes with the ball to the left of the penalty area, then sends a shot that Roberto grabs.

16 ‘Ooooooooowo, Al-Qa’im this time deprives Messi of Barcelona’s goal after a shot from the arch, crossed from Roberto and hit the right post.

12 ‘Cross from left by Messi met by Vidal the only one on the right of the penalty area with a shot crossed over Roberto’s hand and hit the crossbar.

12 ‘Oh, Raaaaaaaaaaaah, the crossbar deprives Barcelona of the goal again.

9 ‘Raaaa Al-Raa’ea’, Verbo receives a ball from Suarez in front of the penalty area on the left, sends a shot that passes from the left of Roberto to a goal.

7 ‘Burke runs off the ball until he reaches the arc of the penalty area, then passes it left in search of Perez, but finds only Vidal.

6 ‘Messi passes a ball deep into Vidal who passes it forward, but Suarez does not exist.

4 ‘Borki passes a ball to the left for Perez, but sneaks.

3 ‘Two footprints come to Barcelona with a powerful shot from Butch, hitting the crossbar, Roberto Jimenez.

3 ‘Barcelona got off to a regular start, back off the ground.

2 ‘Barcelona is on the left in red, and Alaves on the right is in usual blue and white.

1 ‘The first whistle and the match are now being heard.

Barcelona formation:

Coach Kiki Seten begins with the following formation:

Diacritics | 4-3-3

Jordi Alba – Clement Longley – Ronald Araujo – Sergei Roberto
Arturo Vidal – Sergio Busquets – Ricky Puch
Anso Fati – Luis Suarez – Lionel Messi

The replacements: Mark André Ter Stegen – Frenky de Jong – Martin Braithwaite – Nelson Simedo – Arnau Tennas.

Alaves formation:

Coach Juan Ramon Muñez begins with the following formation:

Diacritics | 4-4-2

Roberto Jimenez
Adrian Martin – Victor LaGuardia – Lisandro Magallan – Martin Agirigabria
Oliver Burke – Manu Garcia – Victor Camarasa – Edgar Mendes
Lucas Perez – Joselo

The replacements: Alex Vidal – Tachi – Borja Signs – Perry Ponce – Jose Luis Rodriguez – Paulino de la Fuente – Luis Rioja – Ariz Castro – Abdullah Mahmoud – Lyubomir Vesa – Rafa Navarro.

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View the La Liga ranking table here

The team occupies the fifteenth place in the ranking of the competition with 39 points equally with Valladolid.

On the other hand, the Alaves team will enter the game with high spirits after they managed to snatch a precious victory outside their homes in the last round at the expense of Real Betis with two goals against one goal.

Barcelona occupies second place in the competition standings with 79 points, seven points behind the leaders, who officially secured the title.

The Catalan team lost any chances in winning the La Liga title this season, after losing in its last confrontation against Osasuna, which took place for the past round, with two goals to one goal, while its rivals Real Madrid beat Villarreal with two clean goals.

Dear followers, Welcome and welcome to the direct written coverage – submitted to you by Jules – for Alaves vs Barcelona in round 38 of the Spanish League.


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