Banksy’s mural is forbidden in London tunnels


Cleaners on the London subway system finally removed a wall picture that had been executed by the British artist Banksy. The title of the latter is the drawing, “If you do not wear a mask, then you do not understand anything.” It depicts a rat sneezing to another side covering its mouth with a mask. Banksy revealed this artwork at his expense on Instagram, when he published a video recording showing him wearing a white uniform and drawing the rat, which has become attached to most of his artistic murals, while he is inside the London metro, concealing his face with a muzzle, wearing a hat and wearing protective glasses as well. The BBC said that the work was removed by the cleaning workers in the tunnels, stressing that the “Joint Transport Authority” in the British capital was “unaware” that the drawing belonged to Banksy. It quoted a source inside it by saying: “This work was dealt with like any other graphic in the network.” He added: “The work of cleaning teams is based on caring for the cleanliness of the network, especially in the current conditions.” In another statement to “Agence France Presse”, the commission confirmed that “the work was withdrawn a few days ago because of our firm policy against graffiti fees,” and she went back and added: “We would like to give Banksy the opportunity to present his message to our customers with a new copy in a suitable place.”


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