‘Bank of Lebanon’ announces its price for the dollar exchange rate, by a large difference from the price traded in the parallel market …. Here is what came in his statement today, Monday


Today morning, “Monday”, the Bank of Lebanon announced in a statement that the price of trading in currencies between the US dollar and the Lebanese pound has been determined by the money changers through the electronic application “Sayrafa” at a price of 3850 – 3900 pounds per dollar, while the Directorate of Monetary Operations at Lebanon Bank was identified in the bulletin Daily for Monday, July 13, 2020 # # dollar_profit when paying inward remittances from outside Lebanon: 3,800 Lebanese pounds
It is reported that, this morning, “Monday”, the dollar exchange rate maintained its rise on the black market, ranging between 7000 and 7400 pounds per dollar, while insiders indicated that many money changers intend to buy dollars from citizens and do not sell them, pending the clearing of the “picture” in light of Strong volatility in the market.
Whereas, the “Money Exchange Association” announced in a statement in which it directed to exchange companies and institutions that pricing the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Lebanese pound for the day Monday, July 13 exclusively, is by a moving margin between:
Buy at a minimum price of 3850
Selling with a maximum of 3900 hair.

As for yesterday, a rapid change in the exchange rate was recorded throughout the day. The US dollar returned to rise rapidly in the black market in Lebanon after a rapid decline also recorded on Saturday night and Sunday morning. After touching down a threshold of 6000 Lebanese pounds, it returned in an afternoon to rise significantly to cross the night threshold of 7000 Lebanese pounds. The price closed at night between 7000 pounds to 7400 liras amid confusion among dealers who refrained from buying and selling, waiting for developments on Monday morning.


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