Authenticity in “Love and Peace”: “Al-Habel mixed with Nabeul”


Since its launch of the song “Love and Peace” hours ago on YouTube, Asala Nasri has been under heavy attack because of the clip’s content. In her recently photographed work, the Syrian singer collected a set of pictures of Arab personalities and former presidents, including former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, current President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, former President of the Emirates Zayed bin Al Nahyan, and former King of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz Al Saud alongside «Sheikh of the Mujahideen ” Omar Mukhtar! This matter aroused the followers who found that Asala was not obligated to this step to offer loyalty and obedience to Sisi, who had lived in Egypt for years before the outbreak of the Syrian war, as well as polishing the image of princes and kings of the Gulf. Some of them saw that Sisi’s portrayal is a tribute to him at the time of stifling freedoms in Egypt, and that his image, along with the chosen one, is provocative and offensive to the militant against the Italian occupation of Libya, and he has a long history of resistance and struggle with peoples!


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