Assi Al-Halani launches the advertisement for “My Returns to My Beginning”


Fares, the Arabic singer Assi Al-Hillani, released the first promotional advertisement for the clip of his new song, “My Returns to My Beginning,” in preparation for its official release in the coming days.

The song “My Returns to My Beginning” is the second song released by Assi from his new album, which is expected to be released during the current summer season.

The song is written by Abeer Abu Ismail and composed by Hassan Issa, and Assi filmed it on the way of a video clip with director Ahmed Al-Munajjid in a new collaboration between them after the song “Your Love”. Assi Al-Halani continues in the current period to harvest the success of his new song, “Your Love”, as the song’s clip achieved more than Two million views.

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