Assi Al-Halani confirms that his new album satisfies all Arab tastes


Lebanese artist Assi El-Hillani confirmed that his new lyrical album, which he is preparing to release during the blessed Eid Al-Adha, satisfies all Arab tastes and listeners because it includes all Arabic dialects.
He explained in a dialogue with him that he preferred to film the song “I love you” with his children and wife in his home, in order to be in line with the atmosphere of isolation imposed by the “Corona” virus, and revealed that the pandemic taught him many things, including realizing the blessings that God blessed him and people during the natural conditions.

On the most difficult moments I experienced during the Corona epidemic crisis, he said: “In the early days of the outbreak of the epidemic in the region and the suspension of flights between countries of the world, my wife Colette and my sons Dana and Alwaleed were in the French capital Paris, and my daughter Marita was in our house in Beirut, I asked my wife and children to return quickly to Beirut for fear of stopping travel for a long time, and they returned aboard the last flight between Paris to Beirut, and we were kept away from each other for 16 days, as a kind of self-isolation to check on their health, and since that day we have become separated Never, for the duration of the home stone, we spend together singing and playing sports. ”

He talked about his closeness to his family during the Hajar period, saying: “I naturally love sitting with the family a lot, maybe I travel and live for days and weeks outside the house because of my parties, but in the end the house is sacred to me, but in general the Arab and eastern society is very distinguished from Western society in family cohesion, no matter how busy the father and mother work, they return to the reunification of their home again, for example in the West a girl or a young man when he reaches the age of 18 he resigns in his life, but in the eastern society a young man or girl does not reside in their lives except with marriage, even if he does not marry, no matter how long His age remains in his father’s house, as Arab fathers and mothers view their children as children of any age, because until the departure of my mother and father they treated me as a child, and I now treat my children the same way.

He added: “The human being of us used to see that going out, traveling, traveling and visiting family and friends is normal, but now that after the Corona pandemic we learned that any thing a person does even if it is simple must thank God for him, for a person now to leave his home still thinks about what he will do in fear From a damned virus that is not seen by the eye, and we are now unable to embrace our relatives and friends for fear of disease, because the human being, despite what he has reached from science and technology, is currently unable to withstand a virus that cannot be seen by the eye. ”

He explained: “It was scheduled to release my album before the month of Ramadan last, but with the pandemic spreading, and the injury and death of thousands in it in the Arab world, it was necessary to postpone the release of the album in agreement with the company, and we agreed to release the album during the next few weeks .. The new album satisfies all Arab tastes Most of the Arabic dialects are in it, “Lebanese, Egyptian, Gulf and Iraqi”. So far, I have presented two songs to him, “Your Love”, which is an Egyptian song composed by the words of Bahaa Abdel Azim and composed by Muhammad Aiba. I photographed it in a video clip in my house with my family, and I preferred to show how I spent the period of my home stone With my wife and children, and the second Lebanese song entitled “My Returns to My Beginning”, and the work includes many works with the great poet Nizar Francis, and the Iraqi poet Adel Al-Iraqi, and I also benefited greatly from the period of home quarry in replacing some songs, adjusting music and distributing other songs.

On his cooperation with “Rotana Audio and Video”, he said: “I am very happy that I am a member of the company” Rotana “. I have been contracting with them for more than 17 years, and I have provided with them about 18 album albums throughout that period. Thank God, the most important and greatest of my artistic successes. She was with them, and the next with them will be more successful, as Rotana is able to preserve its stars, and always provides them with everything they need to succeed, and I am happy to deal with them, and I hope that all our works will achieve success and success. ”

He continued: “The Iraqi song is a wonderful treasure, and the Iraqi heritage is full of beautiful folk songs that all Arab listeners must listen to, and I from time to time love to search in this treasure, so before I presented the song” Ya Tair “and everyone began asking to hear it from me in Egypt and Lebanon Finally, I presented the song “Boya Muhammad”, which is a wonderful work that I loved when I listened to it from Elias Khadr, who considered it one of the best voices in Iraq. Lyric. ”


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