Artita about the absence of Jendouzi against Norwich: There are things that have not changed


It appears that the Arsenal team coach, Michael Artita, Had been fed up with the actions of player Matteo Jundusi, which prompted him to be excluded from yesterday’s match against Norwich.

The two teams met in the English Premier League, in the thirty-second round, where Arsenal won four goals without a response.

Jendouzi missed the match, as he was not present in the starting line-up or the bench.

This is the second match in a row that the French player has missed Arsenal, In the English Premier League.

Jendouzi was also absent from facing Sheffield United in the FA Cup on Sunday.

When asked why Gonduzi was excluded from Norwich, Arteta replied in comments published by the international network “Goal”: “They are the same reasons for excluding him from last week’s game (against Southampton).”

He added: “There were things that had to be changed, and they did not change!”

And Jendouzi had angered Artita after his behavior in last week’s match against Brighton, as he entered into an argument with an opponent, grabbed him from his throat and then pushed him.

According to press reports, Artita is trying to get rid of a jendouzi in the upcoming summer transfer season, View details here.


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