Artificial heart transplant for the first time in Lebanon The Phalanges


A team of cardiologists at the Greatest Messenger Hospital headed by surgeon Mohamed Saab performed a complete artificial heart transplant for a 22-year-old patient, who had a deficiency in the left and right ventricles, that made him stay in a hospital for three months.
After contacting the Beirut Heart Center, he was transferred to intensive care, and she attends to the operation three weeks ago through medication.
Noting that it is “the first time in Lebanon, and in rare cases in the Arab world, this surgical operation took place in the Beirut Heart Center at the Great Messenger Hospital, and despite the difficult circumstances surrounding Lebanon,” according to the hospital statement.
It should be noted that the patient was on the waiting list within the National Committee to donate the members in the event of a donor’s insurance, but the difficulty of securing a normal heart and the seriousness of the patient’s condition prompted the operation of this total Artificial heart “transplant through the team of cardiologists which lasted 12 hours, and the artificial heart aims To provide an alternative to the human heart pending a natural heart transplant.
The patient is now in good condition and is undergoing medical follow-up at the Beirut Heart Center within the Grand Messenger Hospital.


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