Armed men kill 18 people during attack on wedding in northern Nigeria


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Armed men kill 18 people during an attack on a wedding in northern Nigeria, today, Tuesday, 21 July 2020 08:31 AM

Gunmen killed 18 people and wounded 30 others in an attack on a wedding in the troubled state of Kaduna in northern Nigeria, local officials said Monday.

The sources pointed out that gunmen in motorcycles stormed the wedding ceremony in the village of Kokum-Daji in the Kura region Sunday evening, and opened fire on the guests.

“The gunmen killed 18 people at the wedding ceremony and wounded 30 others, the majority of whom are young,” district official Big Katuka Ayuba told AFP.

“Fifteen people were killed instantly, while three others died in hospital,” he added.

The sources did not specify who was responsible for the attack, but the region is witnessing repeated violence between members of the Muslim flocks of ethnic Fulani and Christian urban farmers.

State police spokesperson Mohamed Jalingi confirmed to AFP that the attack had taken place, but without saying any results.

“There were casualties reported during the attack, but we do not yet have the final number of casualties,” he said.

Kaduna is located in the mainly Muslim north of Nigeria, but the state is mainly Christian. The region has long been witnessing a struggle between farmers and herders over grazing and water rights.

Violence between the two parties has escalated recently, prompting state authorities to mediate between them to establish a truce, but their attempt was unsuccessful.


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