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(MENAFN – Al-Bayan) Date: 07 July 2020 Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, the first low-cost economical airline based in Abu Dhabi, has announced the official launch of its operations, as of July 14, by direct flights, linking the UAE capital with the cities of Alexandria and Sohag in Egypt.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi will start its operations with two Airbus A320 planes from Abu Dhabi International Airport, and will provide its passengers with the value-added services provided by Air Arabia in its various operations centers.

New markets

Tony Douglas, CEO of Etihad Aviation Group, said that launching the operations of the first economic airline, especially during this exceptional period in the whole world, will provide Abu Dhabi with a direct and comfortable bridge to new markets around the world, starting with these two tracks, to two of the largest Egyptian cities , And will further expand and diversify later.

Douglas added: We are looking forward to the new prospects of prosperity, which the emirate will reach, in conjunction with improving global conditions, and the return of markets to the resumption of business as usual, in light of the established position in which Abu Dhabi is known, as a leading destination for business and leisure travel.

Added Value

Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia Group, said that the launch of the first Air Arabia flight Abu Dhabi comes at a time when the global aviation sector continues to face unprecedented challenges, as a result of the Corona epidemic, which confirms the strength of the aviation sector in the UAE, and our firm commitment to pay The wheel of long-term growth and prosperity.

He added that Egypt is a major market for travel, and the launch of our first trips to it reflects our focus on contributing to trade and economic relations between the two countries, in addition to providing a new option, characterized by the added value of travel between the two destinations, and we look forward to expanding our network of destinations from the UAE capital, coinciding with the return of more Airports to resume operations, and the return of the aviation sector to its activities.

‘Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

In the same context, the company, “Air Air Abu Dhabi, the sixth national carrier of the UAE,” applied for a certificate “Air Operator” from the General Authority of Civil Aviation, where it started the necessary procedures to obtain the required licenses and legal procedures to start operating its flights.

Saif Muhammad Al Suwaidi, Director General of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, said that the Cabinet’s approval of Waze Air Abu Dhabi is, finally, a national carrier of the UAE, reflecting the strength and confidence of the aviation sector in the UAE, and its promising prospects in the long term, in a way that supports the position As the global hub for air travel, the UAE enjoys the distinguished advantage, and we hope that this service will bring an international position to the capital, Abu Dhabi, and the Emirates, as a global tourist destination.

Experts and specialists in the travel sector said that the launch of ‘Arabia Abu Dhabi’ as the first low-cost economic airline in the capital, and also ‘Waze Abu Dhabi’ to obtain a license for the air operator, after its official approval, will enhance the civil aviation movement in the country, supporting the role of the sector in Keeping pace with development plans and future directions, in light of the importance that the government attaches to the aviation sector, and its full support, in a way that enhances the position of the leading country among the major players in the global aviation sector.

Tourist movement

Saud Al Darmaki, CEO and founder of Premier Travel and Tourism, said that the launch of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, as an economic flight, will contribute to the diversification of the evolving tourism movement of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as it will further assist in the growth and increase in the number of travelers and tourists, with the return of regular flights gradually.

Al Darmaki added that the two new carriers will provide airline tickets at a low cost, which will make travel easier for many, which in turn will boost the number of visitors coming to the capital, and will also contribute to shaping a new future for airline traffic and the growth of the tourism movement of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

high demand

Omar Al-Ali, CEO of Projects and Development at Nirvana Travel and Tourism, said that the two new carriers will open new horizons for tourism growth in the emirate, by attracting a wider segment of tourists and visitors, explaining that economic aviation was not previously available in the capital, and therefore This will be an unprecedented step, and you will see great demand.

Al-Ali expected that the two carriers will contribute to increasing the number of destinations that Emirati airlines operate around the world, and will also enhance the ‘Abu Dhabi Arabia,’ the performance of ‘Etihad Airways’ and’ Air Arabia, as the main owners of the new company, indicating at the same time, that the two companies will support Significant performance of the new Abu Dhabi International Airport upon its opening.

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