Arab Writers Union: The Probe of Hope has cemented the position of Arabs internationally – across the Emirates – the Hope Probe


The General Union of Arab Writers and Writers affirmed that the launch of the “Probe of Hope” in its historical journey to Mars puts the Emirates as an Arab country officially in the ranks of developed countries to explore Mars so that the launch of the probe will restore the glories of the Arabs in space science.

The writer Al-Hanouf Mohamed, director of the headquarters of the General Union of Arab Writers and Writers in Sharjah and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, said: The mission goals undertaken by the United Arab Emirates were not only limited to their own achievement but also stemmed from their strategic vision led by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, head of state, may God protect him, to focus on space science and grant this major scientific achievement to the Arab and Islamic countries.

She added: This was achieved by sending the first Arab and Islamic probe to Mars with Emirati human cadres in the field of space science to achieve sustainable knowledge development that encourages innovation and contributes to promoting a sustainable economy inside and outside the UAE.

She explained that this historical achievement is a milestone in the history of the Arabs as it is in the framework of consolidating the scientific aspect and establishing global partnerships in various fields and enhancing the position of the UAE and its Arab brothers in their vision of the future that is being built by developed countries.

Noting that the UAE has addressed the world with its lofty humanitarian message that it is moving forward in serving humanity.



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