Apple warns against turning off its laptops when using the camera hood


If you use a webcam cover to gain some privacy when using a laptop, Apple warned Apple not to shut down its MacBook computers at the time, and that the camera cover must be removed before doing so.

According to the company’s new guidelines, closing MacBook computers when using the camera hood, including the Pro and Air models, can damage the laptop’s screen due to the lack of free space between it and the keyboard. Instead, Apple is encouraging its PC users to rely on the built-in LED lamp near the camera to see if the webcam is up or running.

Many people have started using webcam covers to ensure their webcam is not used to monitor them by hackers and intruders, and while it may be common and often harmless, it may damage your screen if you are an Apple computer. Some webcam covers are a little thick, especially if you use a more “sustainable” type that features a sliding mechanism to easily detect the lens when needed.

On its support site, Apple warns that MacBook computer owners should not use these covers because there is not enough space between the screen and the keyboard.

In addition, these covers can interfere with the ambient light sensor located near the camera, affecting True Tone technology and auto brightness.

Apple has also indicated that MacBook users have alternatives that they can use to maintain their privacy, including relying on an LED lamp located near a webcam to determine whether it is in use or not, and when the webcam is on, the lamp will light green, and confirm The company has built its own laptop in such a way that the webcam cannot operate without the LED lights green directly.

The company also indicates that MacBook users can control the applications allowed to access the webcam in system preferences. However, what about users whose work environment requires the use of a webcam cover?

Apple says that in these special cases, the thickness of the camera cover should not be more than 0.1mm, which is the thickness of a regular piece of plain printer paper, and the covers that contain adhesive should not be used as well because they will harm both the screen and the camera.

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