Apple survives $ 15 billion tax



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Apple won a big victory today, Wednesday, after the second highest European court rejected an order from the European Commission to fined the company 13 billion euros (15 billion dollars), a value of late Irish tax.

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The judges said that the European Commission had erred in its statement that the two Irish companies of Apple, namely Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europ, had received selected economic benefits, and thus government assistance.

Apple welcomed the ruling and said the issue is not related to how much tax it pays, but rather where it must pay it.

For its part, Ireland, which has lodged an appeal against the European Commission’s decision, along with Apple, has said it has always made clear that it has not granted the American company any special treatment.

In the order issued 4 years ago, the European Commission said that Apple had benefited from government assistance illegally, via two tax rulings in Ireland, which had reduced its tax burden in a pictorial manner, over more than two decades to 0.005 percent in 2014.

(Dollar = 0.8793 euros)

Source: Reuters


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