Apple pledges to “neutralize” carbon emissions by 2030


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Apple announced its commitment to combat climate change on Tuesday, through plans to become a company with fully carbonless emissions by 2030.

The pledge will cover the company’s entire business, including the supply chain, the manufacturing process, and the life of its products, as according to Apple, the iPhone sold in 2030 will have no impact on the climate, including in terms of the energy the consumer uses to operate the device.

Apple said it plans to do this by reducing carbon use in its products, using efficient and renewable energy, using various materials and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

“This is a moment not to get away from the big challenge of climate change,” Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, told CNN. “We wanted to move forward and demonstrate that we should all move faster if we could, because the situation is urgent.” It will continue to be more important. ”

Companies, including competition from Apple such as Amazon, have made increasing changes to “neutralize carbon emissions” in the coming decades.

However, companies can avoid getting involved in climate impacts by outsourcing “dirty” businesses instead, as a company may buy steel instead of manufacturing it, for example, given emissions from its manufacture.


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