Anchor discovers that she has had cancer after a spectator alerted her (photos)


A television news reporter in the United States discovered that she had cancer after a viewer sent her an email that worried about a tumor in her neck while watching her reports.Thanks to that viewing, Victoria Price, NBC’s correspondent for NBC in Tampa, Florida, was alerted to the presence of a sign on her neck, and without prompt thinking she encouraged her to visit the doctor.

The anchor said she would be “forever grateful” to news lovers who have touched her selflessly and possibly saved her life.

Price, 28, was working very hard to cover the news of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” pandemic when she was subsequently diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The diagnosis came after an e-mail sent to her by a viewer, after she saw a lump on her neck.

Indeed, Price responded to the viewing message, and after checks and analyzes, I discovered that the mass on her neck was indeed a carcinoma, which pushed her gland upward and caused a “delicate protrusion.”

Price decided to perform surgery thanks to the sharp eye view, and wrote on social media: “As a journalist, the crisis has been severe since the beginning of the pandemic,” and she continued: “I am adapting to the workflow from a distance in my case.”

“I was covering the most important health story of that century, but my health was far from my mind,” she added.

Thanks to the e-mail sent to her by one of the spectators alerting her to the presence of a lump on her neck, she discovered the tumor, as she wrote the observation: “Hello, I just saw your news report, what raised my concern is swelling on your neck, please check your thyroid gland”: It became clear to me after that that I have cancer … take care of yourself. ”

After confirming her cancer, Price wrote: “The doctor says it is spreading, but not much, and we hope this will be my first and last procedure.”

She added: “If I had never received this email, I would not have called my doctor, and cancer has continued to spread to my body … how very frightening it is.”

She commented: “I will be grateful and eternally grateful to the woman who sent me an email, to alert me of my condition.”

Price concluded: “Do not forget to take care of yourself … take care of each other … love you all and see you soon.”

Price was not the first TV anchor to be alerted by a viewer. In 2018, one of the fans observed a cancerous sign on football expert Mark Lawrenceon when he saw him on TV.

The viewer, who saved his life, sent him an email alerting him about the unfamiliar sign on his left cheek.


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