An old picture of an Afghani vase, which looks different .. Did you undergo plastic surgery?


An old picture of the Turkish actress Fehriyet Afgan, dating back to her past before fame, spread on social media, different from what she is now.

It appears that this image took a wide fanfare, as a result of the difference between the current shape of her eye, the color of her eyes, her old shape, and the color of her eyes before fame, until it came to a Turkish program that indicated that “the impressive beauty of Fahriya is not natural”, by comparing her images Old and present, indicating that she had a beautiful nose and chin.

Turkish newspapers also indicated that Fehriya had performed surgery in her eyes to lighten their color to be light brown, but that one of the Turkish directors responded to these allegations, denying that, stressing that the color of my eye is Farsi green, which changes according to the light, angle of shooting and shot if It was close or far away, and the farther away the camera, the darker brown eyes appear closer to the coffee color.

On the other hand, the Turkish star is still listening to spend her vacation next to her husband, Turkish star Burak Ozgevit, and their son Karan in their private villa in Bodrum, which costs 6 million Turkish liras or the equivalent of 875 thousand USD.


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