An exceptional solution to the Saudi club crisis in the AFC Champions League


Take care Saudi Football Association To solve many crises of the clubs participating in AFC Champions League This season, which is the Crescent, Victory, Al-Ahly and Cooperation.

The Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadiah, explained that the Football Association has opened direct lines of communication with the AFC in order to obtain an exception that allows the registration of new players moving to the clubs participating in the AFC Champions League.

The continental union regulations stipulate that each player’s contract with his new club takes effect a week before the start of the competition, the newspaper revealed from its own sources..

The Saudi clubs participating in the Asian Championship face a problem in registering their players who contracted with them in order to benefit from them next season, after they extended their contracts with their current clubs after the suspension of football competitions due to the new Corona virus..

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The same sources pointed out that there are efforts by the Football Association in the country to obtain an official approval stipulating the exception of registration of new players 72 hours before the start of the AFC Champions League matches.The tournament regulations stipulate that the final Asian list be raised no later than the sixth of next September.

The continental championship is scheduled to resume on September 14th, and the last round of the Mohammed bin Salman Cup Professional League will end five days before the start of the AFC Champions League..

The clubs will raise the new preliminary list, which includes 30 players for each team in mid-August, and each team can delete and add eight new players, by five players for any reason, and three players for injury, a week before the first official match for the team in the AFC Champions League.

The Saudi Football Confederation also assured the newspaper that the Asian Football Confederation will undoubtedly allow new players to be registered according to the recommendations made at the International Federation of Football and AFC meeting, where new players can be registered in the National Associations during the next registration period, and they are entitled to participate in Asia With their clubs.

The federation added: «With regard to removing the requirement of the Asian Football Confederation to adopt the list a week before the championship matches, we confirm that everything that will serve Saudi clubs in the matter of registering their players will be arranged according to the current circumstances, and the clubs’ impact on the pandemic crisis of the Corona Virus Pandemic will be taken into consideration. Followed continuously with the AFC to facilitate any difficulties ».


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