Amira Fathi raises controversy by revealing that she was subjected to harassment


The Egyptian actress, Amira Fathi, sparked widespread controversy among her fans, after we revealed that she was harassed by some women, after she published a picture of the “gym”.Naglaa said that she was harassed, after she posted a photo with her boyfriend, her coach in the gym, and confirmed that she was surprised by the harassment of women and girls, before men.

Amira wrote on her personal page on “Facebook”: “I could not speak on the issue of harassment, but what I want to say is that harassment is less than physical harassment. I have been for almost days imagining with my friend, and at the same time he is the trainer who is in the gym, and it was a picture Very ordinary, and in part of my body there was a “t-shirt” that was forbidden.

She added: “What I want to say is that I discovered that those who verbally molested are the girls and the six. Unfortunately, I saw him on a special group of women and I am in this group, but my life is not interacted with him, and one of my friends is the one who said, because he works in the Internet Investigation, and he asked me if I want to submit a report in the group, I said no, and I only satisfied that he had deleted the image. Unfortunately, the admin of the group from el friends who I have here means that some of the men are harassing six women.Archival video:


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