Amber Hurd accuses Johnny Depp of throwing bottles of wine on her “like bombs”


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Elaf from Beirut: The conflict rages on and mutual accusations persist between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, as hearings from both sides continue to be heard in the defamation case brought by the American representative against the British newspaper The Sun.

Hurd denied On Wednesday, he cut the finger of her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp during a violent fight, saying that a Hollywood star was throwing bottles at her “like bombs”.

Heard testifies before the Supreme Court in London for the third consecutive day in favor of Britain’s Sun newspaper, which is being sued by Deeb and accused of defamation after she called him “a beating his wife” in an article in 2018.

The actress was asked about a case in Australia in March 2015 during which she says she was subjected to the suffering of being held hostage for three days.

Herd accused her ex-husband of physical harm on more than 14 occasions.

Depp says the tip of his finger was cut during a fight with Hurd, 34, when he threw him with a large vodka bottle and hit his hand.

“I only threw things so I could escape from it when he was hitting me,” Hurd said.

She said she had taken a bottle from which he was drinking and had been crushed on the ground, which sparked an angry reaction. He grabbed bottles and began throwing them.

Deep’s lawyer, Elinor Loz, said Heard’s claim that Deeb cut his finger when he smashed a phone on the wall and continued to hit her was a lie.

And lawyer accused Hurd of extinguishing a cigarette in the cheek of Depp.
The trial is due to be completed next week, but a ruling is not expected immediately.


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