Amazon Smart Shopping Cart: Know what to buy and pay creatively


It appears that Amazon has begun to expand its footprint in the real world through an unorthodox physical product, a smart shopping cart.

Although very similar to the usual shopping cart, the “Dash” cart, as it was called, is actually a clever version of the current food cart.

The company has installed a “Dash” wagon with a touch screen and various other hardware components, such as cameras and sensors, to automatically discover the items that you place inside and to know the number of items that you have chosen from the shelf. Upon completion of shopping, you are allowed to take the cart through a special lane that allows you to leave the store without the need for a human cashier, and without dealing with payments or waiting in the exit line, provided that the amount is added to your account on Amazon when you leave.

According to what was reported by the site The Verg Technical, the company tried years ago to apply everything it learned from developing Alexa products, including microwave and wall clocks, to establish a real presence on the ground through the acquisition of “Whole Foods” and the network of stores “Amazon Go”.

The smart shopping cart is supposed to debut in a new supermarket in Los Angeles that Amazon aims to open later this year.

It is mentioned that the Amazon wagon does not include a scanner, but there is a screen that displays what is present, and the wagon can discover the customer taking out an item and removing it from the bill, and there is also a way to inform the wagon that you want to put a jacket or purse in it so that you do not have to carry it.

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