Allegations of “transferring the late Saudi king $ 100 million to King Juan” raise public opinion in Spain


Madrid, Spain (CNN) – Spanish media publish almost daily reports on allegations of the transfer of the late Saudi King, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, $ 100 million to the former Spanish king, Juan Carlos, before the latter’s abdication in 2014.

A Spanish official familiar with the matter said that the Swiss prosecution is checking documents alleging that the former King of Spain received $ 100 million from the Saudi monarch in 2008, adding that the investigation focuses on individuals suspected of having links with King Juan Carlos and the possibility that they played a role remotely via bank accounts to complete the matter.

The official added that the hypothesis indicates that these sums of money could be related to the express train project between Mecca and Medina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was confirmed by the Spanish Public Prosecution Office in a statement dated June 8 that the Supreme Court’s investigations are already focused on a project The Saudi express train and that the name of Juan Carlos was mentioned in the case.

Javier Sanchez-Junco, a lawyer for the former Spanish king, told CNN that “there are no formal charges against the king in either Spanish or international courts at this time.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez indirectly touched upon the matter with a previous televised address in which he said that there was an issue “witnessed by all Spaniards … disturbing reports” about mysterious money for the royal family, adding that the matter “bothers us and me too.”

In his speech, the Spanish Prime Minister added that “the judicial system is doing its job … and the royal court keeps its distance in the face of these disturbing reports.”

CNN reached out to the Saudi Arabian embassies in Madrid and London to obtain comment on allegations of the transfer of King Juan in 2008 without receiving an immediate response.


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