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07/24 13:20

IPhone phones from Apple and Android phones from Google come with Siri and Google Assistant digital assistants, respectively. One of the advantages of having a native digital assistant is that it is deeply integrated into the operating system, allowing it to do things that third-party digital assistants cannot do.

However, it appears that Alexa digital assistant will soon begin to slip into more Android and iOS apps, Amazon has announced the Alexa For App feature. This new feature is currently under review and what it basically does is it allows Alexa digital assistant to access iOS and Android applications, where users who prefer to use Alexa can now run these applications and control them to a certain extent.

According to Amazon, she stated, “With the addition of Alexa For Apps to special skills, customers who place orders using the Alexa app or phones that come pre-installed with this digital assistant or mobile accessories like Amazon Echo Buds can use their voice to interact with mobile applications. The main use cases include the use of voice to quickly search, display more information and access any job within your app. ”

It should be noted that Siri and Google Assistant can really do the things Alexa plans to offer their users, and the burden will be on developers to integrate Alexa into their apps. These are the obstacles Amazon has to overcome, but at least it will provide users with more options. Meanwhile, you can check out an example of Alexa integration with TikTok in the video above.

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