Al-Shehhi’s boy, “Rafha’s Boy,” passed away after a bus rally – Saudi Arabia News


Saleh Al-Shehhi went out to the world from Rafha where the wells were fresh, and Saleh’s stay in a remote peripheral area was not an obstacle without him to communicate with various media outlets, especially newspapers throughout the Kingdom, but he overcame all obstacles and overcame the primacy of the means of communication at the time, and was keen to be Contributing and participating in a number of publications while he is on the seats of studying at the secondary stage, which earned him a lot of media and literary experiences at an early age, which helped him draw his professional and cultural career, and he refined that by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the Arabic language.

Al-Shehhi was a member of the Board of Directors of the Literary Northern Borders Club, before he worked as an editor in the cultural magazine issued by the Saudi Cultural Attaché in Britain, and before that he was a cooperative editor in the newspaper “Okaz” during the high school, then in Al-Madina newspaper, and then he worked as a journalist for a period of time 12 months in Al-Watan newspaper in the pre-establishment stage until its publication, until its then editor, Qainan Al-Ghamdi, turned it into a daily writer.

He served his country in the educational and media fields, and when he was finally exposed to a health problem, he found all the care and attention from the competent authorities, who transported him with medical evacuation from Arar, to receive treatment in the most prestigious hospital in Riyadh, but he met his Lord. A number of media professionals and intellectuals mourned him, describing his talents and good deeds.

“Okaz”, which was distressed by the news, presents its sincere condolences and sincere sympathy to his family, colleagues and loved ones, and that God inspires them with patience and solace.


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