Al-Shami: The Football Association regulation differs from that found in FIFA.


Mahmoud al-Shami, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association, stated that the list in the Egyptian Football Association and work is done and refer to it differs from the list in the International Football Association “FIFA”.

Al-Shami said in statements to OnTime Sports, that the Football Association is currently working on the guideline that the Olympic Committee was authorized to set earlier, indicating that the members of the association did not call for an extraordinary general assembly in that period to draw up the list.

He explained that the Football Association is the only one that violates club regulations, and some are trying to develop detailed regulations in order to benefit certain names.

He went on to talk about the League of Clubs, noting that Al-Ahly club had supported and supported the proposals of the Clubs League, Khaled Murtaji was very enthusiastic about the League of Clubs and presented the draft of the attendance cards.

He confirmed that Ahmed Mujahid, a member of the Football Association of Seven, requested to cancel the meeting of the Association of Clubs under the pretext that Abu Raida was not aware of it, and was shocked by the decision to dissolve the League of Clubs.

He concluded: “I advise the five-year committee that manages the Football Association, the speed of agreement to activate the League of Clubs in all sections of the league, and the development of the executive regulations for three links, and the work of licenses for clubs.”


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