Al-Rahi’s appeal: “Welcome” … without an opposition front


Claire Shukr wrote in “The Call of the Nation”:

Nothing to be optimistic about. The inner scene is getting darker despite the intermittent signs coming from outside. However, it has not yet found any actual translation that might turn it into concrete measures. Until the US ambassador Dorothy Shea distanced himself from the escalating side and the exaggerated vocabulary, and its assertion before Lebanese officials that she meets that her country is not in the midst of besieging Lebanon, does not mean, according to the insiders, that Washington removed Lebanon from the “axis of evil” and decided to remove it, even temporarily, from the confrontation line.

All that is, it is just a “suspension” of the American escalation against Lebanon, to focus on the rest of the region’s files, but without providing Lebanon with an oxygen dose, it has become an urgent need for it to withstand weeks or months at best.

There are many evidences that prove that the promises bestowed on Lebanon these days will not find their way to implementation. Perhaps the last, the scenario of support from Kuwait, on which the government was counting on to take a breath, would prevent an inevitable drowning. As the visit by the Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, ends as it started, without any result. Only the contract signed with “Kuwait Petroleum”, which expires at the end of this year, may be reactivated by increasing the imported quantities. As for the other, nothing is mentioned.

Meanwhile, the summer residence of the Maronite Patriarch in Diman is witnessing a thorn of visitors, in connection with the series of positions launched by the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Raie, which centered mainly on the appeal he made under the title of calling for Lebanon’s positive neutrality. Soon, the leader of the “Future Movement”, Saad Hariri, landed in the patriarchal headquarters, and was met by the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, who tweeted, “Yes, the patriarch, the patron, has the right to demand positive neutrality, at least,” while the head of the “Forces” party, Samir Geagea, sent more than A delegation in support of the shepherd’s positions, and here he is the head of the “Marada Movement”, Suleiman Franjieh, sitting on the balcony overlooking the valley of Qannoubine.

In politics, the appeal made by the Maronite Patriarch cannot be separated from the movement led by the Vatican for fear that the Lebanese situation will slide into further devastation, even though the mother Church wishes the Maronite Church to raise its level of intervention on the socio-living level to provide a hand of assistance and limit Damage to the middle and poor classes. This is what the monastic groups seek to do, even if it is still out of the limelight, so it may be the room that supports the khabiya.

In politics, too, the movement witnessed by the patriarchal headquarters asked a question whether the political forces supporting the Sponsor’s speech in connection with investing this appeal and pushing through it, for more political pressure on the government and its representation. Some have gone as far as to suggest the possibility of reconstituting a political meeting similar to the meeting of Qurnat Shahwan, which was sponsored by Bkerke by the late Bishop Youssef Bishara, and that formed the spark of the Lebanese opposition’s launch and its intentions in the face of Syrian tutelage.

According to the insiders, the atmosphere surrounding the patriarch does not indicate his intention to convert his appeal into a founding document for any political meeting, even though he will seek to activate this speech during his upcoming visit to the Vatican. But going further into leading an internal opposition front does not appear to be a scenario, at least for the moment.

Moreover, the insiders say that the slogan of neutrality is practically a matter of internal division, and not all the parties that met the shepherd recently show their support for the entire patriarchal discourse, but rather focus their attention on the part related to “liberating Lebanese legitimacy from the siege”, as they fear that the appeal will turn to A controversial and controversial material that may increase the depth of the internal division, in moments of regional conflict that may cause the country to make a difference in currency!

Therefore, it is unlikely that recourse will be made to the appeal of making an opposition front, but its investment in politics is becoming a reality. Franjieh said after meeting the shepherd: “We came to give our opinion and listen to our master about all the concerns. We are at his side. We feared the country even though each of us looks at him in his own way.”

He added: “In this crucial stage, things must be pushed forward, especially with regard to the economic situation, to see how to build confidence. Everyone should cooperate in this framework.”

Positions from Dar Al-Fatwa

In this context, Dar Al-Fatwa has witnessed visits by Lebanese political figures, announcing its support for what came in the shepherd’s appeal. After President Fouad Siniora’s visit to Dar al-Fatwa and his meeting with the Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abd al-Latif Drian, Siniora said: “We see in the words of Patriarch Al-Ra’i an opportunity to launch an inclusive national dialogue that preserves Lebanon as a country, a homeland, and a message. I made him happy that it was not an invitation to return to the Lebanese division. ”

“There is a political crisis in Lebanon’s external relations, in addition to the failure in the reforms by the current government and previous governments, even I was involved in,” Deputy Nihad Al-Machnouk said in a statement from Dar Al-Fatwa. He added: “I urge the current government to take decisions that reopen the doors of the international community and the Arab community that is able to help us. The active, influential, and capable forces in Lebanon should sit down and dialogue on the three rules that Patriarch Al-Rae talked about.”


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