Al Qasimia University organizes a dialogue session on the developments in the media landscape


Sharjah 24:
The College of Communication at Al Qasimia University organized a “remote” dialogue session, as part of its initiatives to qualify students with the latest developments in the media landscape and the art of dealing with rumors and current issues.

The session was attended by Prof. Rashad Salem, Director of Al Qasimia University, and the media maneit Bernat of the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority, and students of the College of Communication and moderated by Professor Dr. Ata Abdul Rahim, Acting Dean of the College of Communication.

Prof. Rashad Salem, Director of Al Qasimia University, delivered a speech in which he affirmed the university’s keenness through its colleges to offer lectures and dialogue sessions, which enhance educational and academic policies and gain students the knowledge and experience necessary to be more in dealing with the situation and topics in various renewable issues, indicating that the student At the university, all means are prepared for him to benefit from the teaching and societal experiences in order to acquire the necessary skills for post-graduation.

Prof. Atta Abdel-Rahim, Acting Dean of the College of Communication, welcomed, at the beginning of the dialogue session, Monia Bernat, and her participation to speak on the aspects of the dialogue session and its axes aiming to inform the media students of the seriousness of rumors in society and deal with them professionally with those false news and benefit from its rich experiences in this important topic that accompanied Huge pandemic emerging SK.

The journalist, Monia Bernat Al-Qasimia University, its director and the faculty of communication, thanked this invitation for speaking on an important topic in which it indicated that it is an important aspect in qualifying the media student to understand and deal with it accurately, stressing the importance of the media having the skills of dealing to stop rumors and avoid them.

Bernat explained that the rumor promotes fabricated news or information that is unfounded and may carry many aspects in its publisher’s attempt to mislead public opinion or create confusion or achieve a hidden goal or destabilize confidence or other reasons that cause its promoter to spread the rumor and thus its impact on society in a way It is great as well as on the social ladder and it works to disturb public security and may reach the influence on the mental health of members of society and create a mood or wrong stereotype.

Bernat discussed many personal experiences of her in standing up to many of the rumors that may come to her in order to verify the content first and then its source secondly and the extent of its suitability for reality and societal precaution and others, stressing in the context that the media students have a major role in stopping these rumors and fighting them and not spreading Educating the community about its danger.

Bernat pointed out during the discussion session axes that touched on its contents to the importance of verifying the information to the role of social media in enhancing the nature of the current communication process and the spread of the use of those means due to the availability of mobile devices and available applications and the public’s hesitation on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others, that made communication Among the members of society is easier and faster, but at the same time it published contents and contents whose accuracy and source cannot be known with certainty, indicating the importance of making sure of their credibility as they are circulated throughout the night and day hours, how many news shows that they are rumors and received great echoes during their spread.

At the end of the dialogue session, students of the faculty interfered in communicating their opinions and experiences in this matter, and they raised a number of questions that the media answered, with the intention of a specific letter to them, the foundations through which the information can be validated and access to a news article confirmed that it is the safe haven for society from the size of fallacies That might ripple into it.


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