Al-Ittihad – Belheif Al-Nuaimi: Food safety is a strategic goal


Dubai (Al Ittihad)

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al-Nuaimi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, emphasized that food safety is a strategic goal for the Ministry, during a series of field visits that he undertakes to develop the work system in the sectors affiliated to the Ministry, where yesterday the areas of animal wealth consignments were inspected and examined at Sharjah International Airport, and testing laboratories Affiliated with the Ministry at the airport, and the Hamriyah Port in Dubai.
The visit, which aims to emphasize the highest standards of food safety and protection of public health, coincides with the preparation for the Eid Al-Adha season, and the reception of the state outlets for large numbers of incoming livestock consignments (sheep, cows, and camels).
His Excellency Dr. Al-Naimi said: “We are keen on permanent follow-up to the veterinary quarantine centers and examination laboratories affiliated with the Ministry in all the country’s outlets, and the development of working mechanisms in accordance with the latest international standards to ensure the achievement of this strategic goal of food safety.” Pointing to the ministry’s keenness to intensify the system Doctors and technicians present in the stone centers and their laboratories work in all border outlets periodically, in conjunction with periods of increased import movement, ensuring enhanced flexibility of the services provided to accommodate the increasing number of consignments and the speed of their examination, and to ensure their safety and release. His Excellency affirmed the Ministry’s keenness to enhance food security and sustainability, through several directions, including finding wide diversity and alternatives to import channels; Therefore, the global markets are followed up, and work to classify them and cooperate with them, explaining that the last three years have witnessed a growth in the number of markets from which “livestock, sheep and camels” are actually imported, as they have now reached 24 countries.
His Excellency was accompanied during the tour at Sharjah Airport, Ali Salem Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority, Sultan Alwan, Assistant Undersecretary for the Territories Sector, and Acting Assistant Undersecretary for the Food Diversity Sector.
In addition, the Ministry’s work teams follow up on a daily basis, the developments of the animal health situation around the world, through the Animal Health Organization, and the developments and developments of the spread or emergence of any disease sites for animals in the countries of the world.


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