Al Hrawi Hospital announces discontinuation of Corona examinations


The management of Al-Hrawi Governmental Hospital indicated in a statement that “sympathetic to the statement issued on 7/27/2020, the administration of President Elias Al-Hrawi Governmental Hospital in Zahle denounces what has become of things in the past days, especially the declarations and declared positions, and the administration understands the confusion and the thresholds brought about by the results Issued but do not understand the intentional infringement of an official institution that performs public service was and still is the first line of defense for the region and the health of the citizen since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.The hospital administration denounced “this focus and moral transgression of this medical edifice,” announcing “this file was placed under the authority of the Ministry of Public Health and the competent judiciary to clarify all the circumstances and he must stop working in the Corona Laboratory and not conduct the PCR exams for 72 hours.”

And today, Tuesday, Dr. (Q.), in charge of the PCR laboratory in President Elias Al-Hrawi Governmental Hospital in Al-Mulaqah Zahleh, was arrested, according to the public prosecutor’s appeal in the Bekaa, after the variation in the results of the PCR tests issued by the laboratory.


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