Al Hilal News Today How much profit ocean horror? The player included the agreement


The preparations of the Saudi clubs continue to resume the current season, with its various championships, at the head The Mohammed bin Salman Cup, Saudi Professional League And AFC Champions League , Which has been interrupted since last March due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (Covid 19).

Al Hilal preparations and training for the new season led by its coach Razvan Lusescu, as well as his plans for the next season and his moves in the summer transfer market (Mercato Summer 2020), are leading the club’s news. In various newspapers and news sites.

Gul reviews with you the most important news of the Saudi Crescent on Wednesday 22 July 2020 …

He received a bribe and promised a Lexus car to stop Muhammad Noor … information you did not know about Khaled Aziz’s march

Many information and details that you may not know about the previous Al Hilal player. See details

Gomis: I am eager for matches and fans

French striker Gomes, in press statements, told the National newspaper that he is very much looking forward to Al Hilal fans that he is missing them, explaining that he used the previous stopping period because of Corona in losing weight and practicing individual exercises.

He said: “I miss football so much, it is a big part of my daily life that is very much centered around, and I also miss Al Hilal fans and the atmosphere of Al Hilal stadium when we play our matches, and I miss to score goals, and I will fight with my fellow players to win the league championship.”

The identity of the university stadium team is unknown

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper sources revealed that he did not yet know the identity of the club that will run its home confrontations on this stadium, while a source familiar with it revealed that “Al-Wasail” negotiated with Al-Nasr in the last period, while there was no communication between the company and Al-Hilal club.

Al Hilal has a friendly experience

Today, Wednesday, Al Hilal team will play its third friendly experience in its preparations for the Saudi Professional League, when Al-Fayhaa team is ranked 11th in the ranking.

Lucescu: The next period is long and difficult, but we are eager to return

The Roman Razvan confirmed to Lusescu; The coach of the Saudi Hilal, that the past period spent in the insulation of the house, was very difficult, expressing his enthusiasm for the return of matches, although he believed that it would be a difficult period as well.

Defeat Fayha

Al-Hilal achieved victory during the friendly meeting that it gathered in Al-Faiha, on the club’s stadium, at seven thirty in the evening today, Wednesday, with three clean goals.

The leader entered the match with a formation consisting of Nawaf Al-Ghamdi, Mohammed Al-Braik, Mohammed Jafali, Ali Al-Blaihi, Yasser Al-Shahrani, Gustavo Cuillar, Mohamed Keno, Salem Al-Dossary, Carlos Eduardo, Sebastian Giovinco and Pavitembe Gomes.

The trio Gomes scored a “penalty kick”, Salem Al-Dossari and Giovinco.

Bahbari joins the camp

UFM announced the accession of Hattan Bahbari; Al-Hilal player, today, Wednesday, to the team’s camp, after recovering from the emerging Corona virus.

The radio indicated that the player will join the group exercises naturally during the coming period.

The date of Al Hilal’s friendly match against Al Shula and the carrier channels

Know the date of the friendly match Al-Hilal and Al-Shoala in preparation for the return of the Saudi League after stopping due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, and what are the transmission channels? ( See details )

How financially has Al Hilal won from the University Stadium in the past three years?

Saudi journalist Abdul Mohsen Al-Jahlan revealed Al-Hilal’s financial profits from King Saud University’s stadium during the past three years during which he rented it from Saudi Sports Company, which won the tender to rent and invest the stadium in 2017. See details )

Al Hilal responds to Al-Nasr deals by contracting with the star of the agreement

The Saudi newspaper Al-Watan revealed the success of Al Hilal’s administration in reaching an agreement with its counterpart in the agreement on contracting with the Saudi pavilion, Fawaz Al-Taras, starting from next season. ( See details )


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