Al-Ahly crowds Zamalek to include “Donga”


Al-Ahly club started competing with its Zamalek counterpart to include Nabil Emad Dunga, the first football team in the Pyramids club, despite the officials of the white club sending an official offer to Pyramids in order to join Dunga in the next season, where both poles seek to cut the path on the other in the deals that each A party to conclude it, hoping to kidnap the player and win his services, or work to increase the value of the deal financially on the other club.

A source familiar with the Pyramids Club revealed that there are negotiations with some agents who spoke on behalf of Al-Ahly, in order to include “Dunga” in the next summer Mercato, noting that the administration did not discuss the technical staff led by Ante Chacic, the technical director, on the fate of the player, especially since the administration’s goal is to crown First in the African Confederation Championship, then he finished second in the Premier League competition schedule to participate in the African Champions League in the new season.

The source pointed out that the management of the Pyramids Club is committed to the survival of “Dunga” in the ranks of the team and not his departure, especially since Pyramids are steps away from participating in the African Champions League next season, where he currently occupies the third place in the Premier League table with 32 points, and is very close to scoring The participation card in the Champions League.

A source close to Nabil Imad revealed that he had signed the Zamalek Club a contract for a period of 4 coming seasons, explaining that the player did not stipulate any order on the Zamalek club and signed immediately for the castle of Mit Oqba, after the agreements that were made with him, and the same source explained that Donga got On a promise to end the deal with his club during the coming period.

Dunga played 23 games with Pyramids this season in all tournaments, with a total of minutes playing amounted to 1902 minutes, and he managed to score two goals and create a single goal with a scoring rate and won the yellow card on 4 occasions, and is considered one of the strong rising elements in Egyptian football, whether with his club or the national team. The same source said that Dunga welcomed the signing of the Zamalek club after the great seriousness that occurred in the negotiations with him to annex him, where he is waiting to finish the deal with his club until he becomes a player officially in the castle of Mit Oqba in the new season, provided that the coming period will witness negotiations between the two sides on completing the deal after the player By signing for Zamalek club.

And Nabil Imad submitted DongaRecently, for the rays on the right forearm, which proved that the player suffered a slight arm torso, and needed a short rest period before returning to participate in the team’s group training, in preparation for the return of the Premier League competition, which will start on August 6, where the Pyramids are expected to face Tanta on 10 next month in the nineteenth round of the life of the league to a halt since mid-March last because of the pandemic of the spread of Virus Corona.


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