Al-Ahly calls on the Minister of Sports to remove the Al-Qarn Club banners from the vicinity of Zamalek


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Source: Karim Mohamed – Toss News

Club progress Al-Ahly, On an official note, on Tuesday, to Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, requesting that deterrent legal measures be taken against Zamalek officials’ infringement of the trademark of the Al-Ahly Club “Al Qarn Club” and the removal of the “Zamalek Real Club” signs that Zamalek officials have suspended in Their club’s surroundings and tallest buildings.

Al-Ahly club reinforced its request with the statement issued by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade last Saturday, which was covered by all media, and torpedoed any clamor that some people were trying to create around the trademark “Club of the Century”.

The statement emphasized that the established fact, which does not accept forgery or change, is that the “Century Club” mark is exclusively owned by Al-Ahly Club, as it was registered in the year 2007 after fulfilling all the procedures stipulated in Intellectual Property Law No. 82 of 2002, and that this registered mark enjoys legal protection until Its history.

The Ministry of Supply indicated in the same statement that the Zamalek Club submitted an application on July 5 to register the slogan “Zamalek Club – The Real Century Football Club”. This request and its legitimacy will be examined, but fixed and according to the text of the Ministry of Supply statement also, that when registering marks The commercial activities related to sports clubs related to obtaining honors degrees, the applicant must present what he obtained from the donor before proceeding with the registration procedures, and everyone knows locally and continually, that the donor of the Club Club Century is the African Football Association, and this title was granted to Al-Ahly Club By an official decision 20 years ago, the club received the award in a ceremony held by “CAF” in Johannesburg on 22/5/2001, and it is fixed in the records of the Confederation of African Football Association “CAFE” and Al-Ahly. As a result, Al-Ahly’s full right to register the “Century Club” mark was managed Trademarks in the World Intellectual Property Organization “WIPO”, so that this mark, after its official registration, is exclusively owned by Al-Ahly Club exclusively, and assaulting it represents a crime punishable by law.

Al-Ahly confirmed its confidence that the Minister of Youth and Sports will fulfill his responsibilities. To preserve the literary and marketing rights of all, to ward off any strife among the masses, and to take the necessary legal measures in the face of the public infringement of Zamalek officials on the trademark of Al-Ahly Club. Removing the banners of “Zamalek Club, the Real Century Club”, which its officials have suspended in the vicinity of their club and the top of its buildings, as well as removing this sign from the official website of Zamalek and the cards of the members of the general assembly of their club.


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