Akkar watching a comet will visit the earth after 6000 years


Colleague photographer Khaled Taleb, a member of the Akkar Environmental Group, was able to take a number of photos of the comet “NEOWISE” at dawn on July 11. It turned out that Akkar is an ideal region for photographing this recently discovered comet, and it will not return to visiting the Earth’s land until after 6000 years.

The NEOWISE telescope, which tracks objects close to Earth, discovered a new object in the sky last March. The discoverer of this object thought it was one of the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter.

But it turned out later that he is a new comet visiting the sky of the earth coming from the distant comet cloud “Oort Cloud” or the comets located on the outskirts of the solar system, which is 100 thousand astronomical units from the sun (the astronomical unit is the distance between the earth and the sun, equal to 150 million km) . The discoverer named the comet the telescope that it discovered, which is very far from Earth and does not pose a threat to it. And the closest distance it will reach from the sun will be about 27 million km, which is very far from Earth. He will not even leave behind meteors that enter the atmosphere as meteor showers afterward. The comet can be photographed at dawn from north-eastern Lebanon, provided that the horizon is not obscured by terrain that hinders the scene.


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