Ajax project and the fate of the stadium … Almana’s plan to return Parma to adults


Hisham Al-Manea is close to acquiring Italian club Parma.

A few days, Qatari businessman Hisham Saleh Al Mana will sign the acquisition contracts Italian club Parma, And after agreement with the group “Nuovo Inizio” which it currently owns, according to the site “Sky Italy”.

Al Mana, which operates in the leading hotel management sector in the Middle East, and also in the automotive sector, is among the wealthiest in Qatar.

The site “Parma Life” that the barrier will be president of the Parma Club, once the contracts are signed, as there will be some new ambitions on the horizon, after the acquisition of the Qatari businessman to manage the club.

The site added that the project that the new administration wants to implement, is the same as that implemented by the Dutch club Ajax, by investing in and developing high-level talent.

Between Rome and Parma .. Kuwaiti investment on the way to Italy

This project is to be taken into consideration, after Al Mana assumed the presidency of Parma Club, immediately after signing the contracts.

Television transfer rights and the management of the Tardenini Stadium for Parma Club will be discussed during discussions of the sale of the club, and with the start of next August, Parma will belong to Hisham Saleh Al Mana.

The site stressed that Qatar has now become a strategic country during that period, due to hosting the 2022 World Cup.


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