Ahmed Zaher sings the series “Prince” while driving a car … video


Retrieve the artist Ahmed Zaher The memories of the Prince series, and the Fathi character that he played within the events of the series in the past Ramadan, through the Asturi property through his account on the Instagram website, where he published more than one video while singing inside the car a song that sings the series while he is driving his car, as it appeared during two videos published recently.

On the other hand, artist Ahmed Zahir recently announced the end of filming The movie “Dungeon 7” Through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, where his followers and fans shared 10 photos from the scenes of the upcoming movie, which he released shortly: “Farkash .. Dungeon 7 .. Praise be to God, thanks to God, and success from you, Lord … The Eid.”

The “Dungeon 7” movie recently sparked widespread controversy after the film crew announced the participation of festivals Omar Kamal in presenting a promotional song for the film, prompting the Union of Actors to intervene, while producer Ayman Youssef confirmed that the idea of ​​participating festivals Omar Kamal was excluded in the presentation of A propaganda song for his new movie, “Dungeon 7”, which is scheduled to be shown in cinemas in the upcoming Eid Al-Adha season, indicating that after he had contacted with the Syndicates of Acting Professions led by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, and the musical professions headed by artist Hany Shaker, he discovered that the singer Omar Kamal was still under the ban from Before musicians, it is not permitted to participate in artwork to sing there.

Earlier, Youssef said in his statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the singer of festivals Omar Kamal did not participate in acting at all in the film, but all that was negotiated with him, to provide a promotional song only for the film, and its events do not include it, after I was notified. Omar Kamal, general manager of the film-producing company, said that the decision to stop him from the musicians had ended.


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