Ahmed Saad’s new fiancee draws attention with her beauty in her first appearance! – Get to know her


The sermon of the Egyptian singer appearedAhmed Saad“Al-Jadida for the first time publicly accompanied him, while celebrating together her birthday, with the help of his friend, festive singer.”Omar KamalSaad published his first photo with his new fiancée, Alia Bassiouni, and many of her friends who attended the celebration inside Saad’s house in New Cairo.

As the communication sites shared a short video clip of the Christmas party, published by the festival singer Omar Kamal He presents to Saad’s fiancée the song “Bint Al Jeeran,” as published Ahmed Saad Pictures with her from her birthday party via the Al Astori feature through his official account on the Pictures and Videos websiteInstagramHe congratulated her on her birthday, and told her: “Happy new year, my love.”

The artist’s fianceeAhmed Saad“New
Image is experiencing an appearance Ahmed Saad With his fiancée, Alia Bassiouni, during her birthday celebration

Referred to as fiancée Ahmed Saad The new “Alia Bassiouni” is from outside the artistic community, and some have confirmed that she owns a store selling luxury women’s fashion.

Alia El-Bassiouny is the owner of a store specialized in selling women’s fashion

In the same vein, the artist was Ahmed Saad He recently revealed his willingness to marry soon this year 2020, stressing that the identity of the fourth bride will be a surprise, but it is outside the artistic community, because he decided not to marry an artist again, and pointed out that the legal dispute between him and his female artistToxicity of timber“About her legal rights is still in circulation before the courts, and he is eager to grant her all her rights in order to please God only.

و .ضاف Ahmed Saad, While hosting a program mbc trending, He said: God willing .. God willing, close. ”He indicated in previous statements to the program that the bride will not be from the artistic community, because he does not want her from the medium.


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