After the shock of the “disappearance of antibodies” … experts carry good news about immunity from corona


The US Associated Press said that Qatar and Bahrain had the highest rates of coronavirus infection in terms of calculating the ratio of infection to the population.

In Qatar, a new study found that close to 60 percent of positive screening scans showed no symptoms at all, questioning the usefulness of group temperature checks aimed at preventing infected people from mixing with others. In Bahrain, the authorities estimated corona symptoms asymptomatic, at more than 68 percent.

Studies have shown that the Corona epidemic swept the two countries at the beginning of the crisis, when it spread to the camps housing foreign workers, according to studies that quoted its summary. Associated Press“.

The frequency of the extensive examinations that took place during the recent period increased the number of injuries in Bahrain and Qatar, after focusing on labor camps and neighborhoods around them, where about ten workers live in one room.

In Qatar, nearly 30 percent of the injured were from India, 18 percent from Nepal, and 14 percent from Bangladesh, according to a study by Laith Abu Raddad, a pathologist at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

Another new study also showed that 60 percent of positive smears in Qatar did not show any symptoms of corona, while the Bahraini authorities set a higher number of that up to 68 percent.

Of the 6,000 injuries reported by Bahrain, 2,600 were injured from India, 1,310 Bahrainis and 1,260 Bengalis, along with more than 400 from Pakistan, the same as from Nepal.

Qatar, home to 2,800,000 people, had 107,000 cases of coronavirus and 163 deaths from the disease. While Bahrain, where one million and 600 thousand people live, recorded about 37 thousand injuries, and 130 deaths in Corona.

Despite the high incidence of infection in relation to the population, the death rate in the two countries was low, as the death rate in Qatar reached 0.15 percent, while in Bahrain it reached 0.34 percent.

Abu Radad and Ghina Mumtaz, a pathologist at the American University of Beirut, attribute the low death rate in both countries to the relatively young age of employment in Bahrain and Qatar.


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