After the Qibla poster crisis .. Slaf Fawakherji in a new photo


Have undergone Syrian actress Slaf Fawakherji, For a new photography session, “Photocution”, by the photographer Rabih Al-Sirwan, to celebrate her birthday, after the propaganda crisis of the “Chicago Street” series, where she appeared with the artist Mehyar Khaddour, in a romantic scene that depicts their willingness to exchange kisses, which caused her many criticisms from some Her fans and followers.

The Syrian artist, Slav Fawakherji, celebrated her birthday, on Monday evening, and on this occasion her husband, the Syrian director and actor Wael Ramadan, was keen to congratulate her with a special message expressing his love and love for her, as he published a photo of their gathering via his account on “Instagram”, and wrote in his comment: “Companion of the long journey … beautiful, beautiful eyes … I hope that you will meet my faces … and your best will be the best in my life … your years are sweet and sweet, like your pure white heart … and all your days are joy, love and warmth, Umm Hamza and Ali“.


This comes after she took mixed reactions during the past days about the poster for the series “Street Chicago”, starring Syrian star Slaf Fawakherji, and the star Mehyar Khaddour, who sparked a state of controversy due to the appearance of the series’ protagonists in a romantic scene on the poster that depicts their willingness to exchange kisses. This caused Slav to be criticized by some of the public.


It is mentioned that with the onset of the crisis and in a decisive response to the criticism, Slav Fawakhry, by comparison between the poster of her new series, and Avishat, one of the most famous films of the sixties, “My Father Above the Tree”, starring the late artist Abdel Halim Hafez, and the late artist Nadia Lotfy, where Slav published, The movie “My Father Above the Tree” was passed, through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, and she wrote in her comment on it: “The most famous films of the fifties and sixties were published in the stars of senior stars … At a time when everyone was watching himself during a time when there was morality, education and taste for art, understanding and assimilation Most importantly, there was no morals, no harassment, and no crimes, which we hear every day“.


Slav said: “Our Lord distinguished man with reason to think, reason, manage and taste … and art in general delivers a message and each recipient absorbs the message according to his background and perception, such as those who attack the statues and sculptures under the name that they are idols … in the end all scenes have freedom that he accepts or does not accept But not from his sources and not exceeding others … all the best and waiting for Chicago Street“.


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