After his legal battle with his wife, Johnny Depp made a bet on saving his reputation as a double-edged sword


Johnny Depp wanted to sue the British tabloid “The Sun” to protect his reputation, but what happened in the three trial weeks of revealing dark secrets about his private life and his marriage to Amp Hurd could cost the star and his wife dearly.
Perhaps the most eloquent expression of this reality is the headline that the Daily Mail published at the beginning of the trial, in which it was considered that “it does not matter who wins this disgusting battle. Johnny Depp and Amber Hurd are both losers.”

“Abused husband”

If the court was supposed to consider whether “The Sun” had tarnished and reputed the actor by describing him as a “violent husband”, then her daily sessions witnessed a public display of the most dishonest details in their lives.

These sessions touched on Johnny Depp’s drug addiction, his accusations of Empire Hurd of treason, through finding stools in their matrimonial bed.

“They spread their dirty laundry.”

Public relations expert Mark Burkovsky told AFP that Deep and Hurd “published their dirty laundry in front of everyone, whether literally or figuratively,” considering that “the damage occurred, whatever the ruling.”

Burkovsky believed that “the trial aggravated matters” as it made Deep and Hurd’s problems a “widely publicized story” among the public. He considered that this case shows that “glory can be impossible to poison, which applies to Johnny as well as to amp.”

However, the lawyer who specializes in defamation and defamation cases, Emily Cox, considered that the representative’s access to the judiciary in the “The Sun” case was the right choice.

“Had he not contested these serious charges, his name would have been associated with them forever,” she explained. She stressed that “the impact of this on his career would have inevitably be much greater than the impact of revealing some of the dishonorable details.”

An addict sufferer

Lawyer described what revealed Johnny drug addiction as insignificant evils, because “looking at an actor who suffers addiction is better than looking at an actor who beats his wife.” She expected Deb to gain “sympathy” from Hollywood if he tried to get rid of his addiction.

Cox did not rule out that “Deep’s popularity increases and his artistic career gets new momentum” in case the case is won, on the basis that he was “unjustly accused of marital violence.”

On the other hand, Burkovsky seemed more pessimistic, seeing that “proving” his innocence was indeed a difficult task, expecting him a “costly victory”.

The case is no less dangerous for Hurd than it is for Dib, although the thirty-fourth actress was called only as a witness.Lawyer Cox noted that “the defense’s arguments are entirely based on the accusations made by amp Hurd, which puts its credibility at stake, as much as Deep’s credibility.”

“If The Sun loses the case, Hurd could become a Hollywood pariah.” Conversely, if the verdict came in favor of the newspaper, the actress would be considered “as a brave knight who waged a war on family violence.”

Disastrous results

In this case, the results will be “catastrophic” on Johnny Depp’s career, as his name “will forever remain attached to these accusations,” according to Cox, who saw that any decision in this direction “will also have an impact on the defamation lawsuit he filed against Hurd in The United States, which would erode his reputation. ”

Burkovsky said that hiring the actor would be a risky situation in this case, as “it comes in large sums.”

But Burkovsky believed that the star’s career would soon surpass these influences and would find opportunities for “independent producers” or “among large European producers”. “On such topics, people have a tendency to lose memory,” he added.


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