After describing his administration to the Tunisian parliament as “catastrophic” … mounting calls to withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi


Political circles directed at Tunisia Accusations of the Speaker of Parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi, of failure in his duties and the inability to manage disputes within Parliament, which has turned into a field of political conflicts, with which the legislative work has been lost, according to their opinion.

The head of the democratic bloc in the Tunisian parliament, Hisham Al-Ajbouni, considered today, Saturday, that what is happening in Tunisia has reached an “unprecedented degree of tampering with the interests of the country, badness and vilification of the parliamentary and political scene.”

Al-Ajbouni confirmed that Parliament Speaker Rashid al-Ghannushi “bears a great responsibility for what happens through his administration of the council,” considering that “his management of the parliament is disastrous,” according to a post he wrote on his Facebook account.

Al-Ajbouni indicated that the Speaker of Parliament “has begun, through his chief of staff and advisors, to violate the internal system in a scandalous and systematic manner.”

For his part, the head of the National Reform Bloc in Parliament, Deputy Hassouna Al-Nasifi, strongly criticized the chaos that took place on Friday in Parliament, after the head of the Al-Karama coalition bloc Saif Al-Din Makhlouf attempted to introduce those who said he was a “strange person” to Parliament, which turned out to be prohibited from traveling.

Al-Nasafi said, “The serious transgressions that occurred in the parliament yesterday, amounting to interference in the security issue and the blatant attack on the sanctity of the parliament, its deputies and its security, were with support, assistance and under an unambiguous official cover from the presidency of the parliament.”

Al-Nasifi said in a post on his Facebook page, “What happened” is another indication and a message with a guaranteed arrival. He said that it “provides evidence that the danger has reached its limits and no one will be excluded from us.”

In turn, the head of the Free Constitutional Party bloc, Abeer Musa, today, Saturday, called the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Presidency of the Republic to take immediate action in this file related to events witnessed by Parliament yesterday, Friday.

Moussa said: “We are awaiting a move by the deputies to sign a petition of 73 deputies to withdraw confidence from the Speaker of Parliament, Rashid al-Ghannushi,” noting that “the Free Constitutional Party will take an arsenal of measures, if the files are not resolved.”

Commenting on these accelerating developments in the parliamentary scene, political analyst Hisham Al-Hajji told Erm News that “the return of calls to withdraw confidence from Parliament Speaker Rashid Al-Ghannushi reflects a case of lack of conviction of Al-Ghannushi’s ability to manage the fierce battles within the Legislative Council that Away from the objectives for which the deputies were elected.

Al-Hajji added that “There is a political and moral responsibility for the presidency of Parliament for everything that happens within it, and therefore any transgression takes place and if the (Renaissance) movement is not involved in it, then the Speaker of Parliament, who is the leader of the movement, is primarily responsible for the consequences of that transgression and deviation from controls political work”.


For his part, the researcher in political science, Mohamed Amin Al-Aqil, warned that the scenes of rivalries and slashes within the parliament are repeated, this legislative institution loses its value to the general public, and leads to further underestimation of the political scene, and this is what Tunisia has been experiencing since the beginning of the current parliament in its parliamentary era after elections October 2019 ″.

Al-Aqel added, in an interview with “Erm News,” that “the call of political circles within parliament to withdraw confidence from its president Rashid Ghannouchi coincided with the efforts of the Ennahda movement to pressure the prime minister, perhaps to push him towards resignation or withdraw confidence from him, making the political scene extremely fragile And it threatens the collapse of all the consequences of the 2019 elections, which will push towards more social tension. ”

A few weeks ago, Ghannouchi faced mounting calls to withdraw confidence from him, against the backdrop of his interference in managing the country’s foreign policy, in violation of his powers, and in conflict with the official position of Tunisian diplomacy.


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