After a thermonuclear explosion in space, what is the supernova phenomenon?


07/16 20:19

Astronomers observed yesterday, a mysterious thermonuclear explosion in space, which resulted in a strange star that burst through the cosmic galaxy.

Physicist Boris Ghansky of the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom said that it was discovered a star A new mysterious has burst through the Milky Way, which explains why it was driven out by a thermonuclear explosion in what is known as the supernova or “supernova”.

The detected star is a white dwarf about 1,430 light-years away called “SDSS J1240 + 6710”, and it is called “Dox.” Film scientists have monitored its rapid progress at a speed of 250 kilometers per second (155 miles per second), against the direction of rotation of the galaxy, The matter that his chemical composition is unusual indicates that he was quickly kicked into space with a kind of supernova explosion that we had never seen before or “supernova”, according to the Science Alert website.

Al-Watan is displaying information on “Supernova” below, according to the NASA website.

Supernova is a term given to the bursting of a strong and shiny star after its shelf life, and it is the largest explosion occurring in space, resulting in great energy.

Explosions of large stars occur in other galaxies, and it is difficult to see stars known as “supernovae” in the Milky Way due to dust.

In 1604, Johannes Kepler discovered the last supernova to be observed in the Milky Way.

Through the “Chandra” telescope, NASA detected the remains of a star that exploded in the Milky Way more than 100 years ago.

The big bang occurs when there is a change in the core or center of the star, and that change occurs in two ways:

The first method is a star explosion in binary star systems, and binary stars are two stars orbiting around the same point, and one of the stars, a white dwarf consisting of carbon oxygen, and steals matter from its accompanying star, and in the end it accumulates in the white dwarf a lot of matter, which leads to an explosion The star and the occurrence of the supernova phenomenon.

The second method: the end of life of the star star

As the star runs out of fuel, some of its mass flows into its heart, and in the end, the heart is so heavy that it cannot stand its own gravitational force, causing the core to collapse, a massive explosion that is known as a “supernova”, and after the explosion a star is produced Small in size.

Scientists have determined that supernova plays a major role in the distribution of elements throughout the universe, and when a star explodes, it releases elements and debris into space.

Many of the elements that we find here on Earth are made in the heart of stars. These elements move to form new stars, planets and everything else in the universe.

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