Afaf Radi is back to singing after a long interruption to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the June Revolution .. Video



The star, Afaf Radi

Egypt’s celebrations of the June 30 revolution that removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power restored the voice of singer Afaf Radi, who sang and sang on this occasion for the first time after a long interruption and technical absence.

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Afaf Rady returns to the artistic scene!

After a long period of absence from the singing scene that lasted since 2016, the able Egyptian artist and singer Afaf Radi, released a new song entitled “We learn distress”, coinciding with the country’s celebrations of the seventh anniversary of the June revolution that toppled the Brotherhood’s rule, which is produced by Egyptian radio.

The song highlighted the achievements of the Egyptian state led by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and shed light on the national projects that were implemented during these years. Including the construction of the administrative capital, the Mount Galala project, and the replacement of valuable housing as an alternative to slum dwellers and other projects, as well as the song’s clip highlighted the humanitarian positions of President Sisi with the citizens, as he pointed out the role of doctors and the armed forces in facing the Corona pandemic pandemic until the completion of the construction of the isolation hospital, ending with the opening of a palace Baron after its restoration.

The song “We teach us distress”, written by Fawzia Al-Ashal, composed and arranged by Ihab Abdel Salam, the sound engineering of Mohamed Fathi, directed by Mohamed Sabah.

Egyptian singing star, actress Afaf Radi, recently celebrated her birthday, as she was born on May 12 in the city of Mahalla, to give art a distinctive warm romantic voice belonging to the generation of giants who squeezed them and stood next to them while she is still a young student, and yet she drew attention to her with the charm of her voice and her unique talent She composed her great composers and stood at parties near the giants of Tarab, and she managed to find her way between them with her beautiful operatic, romantic voice.

Afaf Radhi was able to present all the colors of romantic, national and even popular singing with her distinctive style and shy angelic shy voice.

Source: “The Seventh Day”


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