Adel Imam, on the authority of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi: The best model for the Egyptian lady, and a pride for all of us


The artist, Adel Imam, said that the artist, Raja El-Jedawy, is the best model for the Egyptian lady and is a pride for all of us, explaining that she is a great model educated and light-blooded, distinguished actress.

Imam continued, during a phone call to the media Amr Adib, on the story program: “She did not enter the Institute of Dramatic Art but she is a great actress, we always talk on the phone and our relationship was never interrupted and Raja is a friend, and she is one of the educated people, and we were talking in Napoleon III and found her knowing information about him.”

Adel Imam continued, “She is fluent in languages, speech, speech and clothing, and she is smarter that she is losing anyone, since the artist’s work is the one who immortalizes him in life, not with statues and others.”

The late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, born on September 6, 1938, in the Ismailia Governorate, is the niece of the artist Tahia Karioka, and received her first education in the Franciscan schools in Cairo, then worked in the translation department of one of the advertising companies and was chosen to be a model after her victory as the beauty queen of the Egyptian country in the year 1958, and at the same time I knew the way to art.


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