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In a series of text messages to her mother in 2013, American actress Amber Hurd likened her then-boyfriend actor Johnny Depp as a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” character, in a metaphor for him suffering from schizophrenia, and said she was shocked when she found that Depp was violent Hostile under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
The letters were read before the London High Court, as Hurd, 34, testifies in favor of publishers of the British newspaper The Sun, who is being sued by Dip for defaming him for an article published in 2018 that he described as beating his wife.
Deeb, 57, testified last week and denied all of Hurd’s allegations of violence and abuse, and said she was used to it. “He’s crazy, mom, violent and crazy,” wrote Hurd in a letter to her mother. I am very sad that this is what I love. ”That message was on one day in March 2013 when, according to Hurd, Deeb was in a fit of rage under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
Later in the day, her younger sister Whitney Enriquez appeared in court to support her sister’s account of her relationship with Depp, whom Hurd met while preparing for a movie in 2011 and married in 2015.
Enriquez was living for a while in a house next to Depp and Heard, and she was sometimes asked to intervene in their differences. She said that at some point she was so close to Deep that he was calling her “my sister”.
Enriquez said in a written statement that she had seen Depp assaulting Hurd during a fight in their apartment in Los Angeles in March 2015. Elinor Lawz, her attorney, accused her of having fabricated this story and other details to help her sister.
The trial is expected to conclude next week, although a ruling is not expected immediately.

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