Active participation of judo in Abu Dhabi Summer Festival camp


Mohammed bin Thaaloub Al Darei, Chairman of the Emirates Wrestling and Judo Federation, confirmed that the federation’s program to participate in the Abu Dhabi Summer Festival held under the slogan “Your Fitness in Abu Dhabi” was approved by the Board of Directors and started to be implemented.
Al-Darei explained that the program includes several paragraphs of sport, cultural and community, noting that the participation of the Federation was distributed on Sundays and Wednesday for judo and Thursday for wrestling, with the allocation on Monday of each week of the cultural competition on judo and said that the episodes revolve around ways to warm up in judo and training Using remote tools and sports equipment.
He also affirmed the Federation’s keenness to present the weekly cultural competition on judo in the form of questions via various social media, which was a great interaction and the first question was about the emergence of Olympic judo sport, pointing to the Federation’s monitoring of valuable prizes in its contribution to the success of the festival.
He noted that the judo team will continue its participation in the festival to achieve the benefit of its programs that will continue until the end of next August under the supervision of Abu Dhabi Sports Council to enhance the ideal lifestyle and raise awareness levels of the importance of sport in improving immunity and fitness for all ages, praising the efforts of various state clubs that participate with interest in the implementation This program is led by the Sharjah Self-Defense Club and the Fujairah Martial Arts Club in addition to the technical and administrative staff of the Federation.


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